National Hardware Show 2012
Thank you to all who visited our booth at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, May 1 - 3, 2012.


Q: What is "Ergo"? ( top )

A: Ergo is short for Ergonomics, which is the science of the design of equipment, so as to reduce operator fatigue, discomfort and injury.  It applies theory, principles, data and methods in order to optimize human well-being, comfort, efficiency and overall system performance. 

Q: Why should I buy your shovel, when I can buy another one for less? ( top )

A: First, we are positive that you will be forced to bend using any other shovel on the market, ergonomic or not. Second, compare apples to apples.  Most other shovels do not have the heavy duty construction that ours has. We have set the standard. While your initial cost may be lower purchasing the economy shovel, you will continually have to replace them, eventually spending far more than one of ours. 

Our shovel is for customers seeking to invest in quality. Since you have gotten this far and are reading this, you are a smart consumer. Our shovel is made from top quality material, it will last many uses and many years. Click here for warranty info. It is very competitively priced, and will save you money, effort and frustration in the long run.

Q: What are the details and specifications for your shovel? ( top )

A: Please click on our Features tab for an easy to read table showing a side by side comparison of other shovels vs. ours.

Q: Why does your shovel look so different? ( top )

A: That is part of our design. Our shaft is longer and angled differently so you do not have to bend.  As you can also see from our photos, our grip and blade rotate 90° which makes it look different in the storage position.

Q: How much does Mighty Ergo Shovel weigh? ( top )

A: Economy scoop shovels range from 3.5 to about 5lbs.  Snow pushers and manual plows can range from 8lbs to nearly 20lbs.  At only 5.5lbs, it is hard to believe that we were able to fit the strength and durability into just a few pounds.

Q: How long is Mighty Ergo Shovel? ( top )

A: Mighty Ergo Shovel measures 66" end to end (longer version) providing comfortable bend free shoveling for users generally 5' 9" and taller.  MES Jr. (shorter version) measures 60" of heights. The longer shaft enables the shaft to be properly gripped giving the user the necessary leverage to comfortably work.

Q: Can I interchange the blades and grips between Mighty Ergo Shovel and your straight shaft shovel? ( top )

A: We do not recommend interchanging parts between our two shovels as each shovel is specifically designed. We do offer additional/replacement parts and hardware for either of our shovels that can be ordered separately. (Please contact us for more information.)

For example, you cannot install the grip or ABS blade from our regular grain scoop onto Mighty Ergo Shovel, and vice versa. You can however, order any of our ABS blades, as they are designed to fit onto our regular grain scoop.

Q: Do you provide a warranty? ( top )

A: MES offers a limited five year warranty. Click here for details.

Q: What other shovels do you sell? ( top )

A: We actually sell a line of straight shaft grain scoops.  We do not aggressively advertise this, as we want you to be "body smart" by using MES. 

Fact is, sometimes there is no changing some people's minds as they are set in their ways.  They simply may not feel comfortable trying this new, "twisted" shovel.  We wanted to provide a something strong and unique for all of you "straight shaft diehards." Click here to review the many features that distinguish ours from the others.


Mighty Ergo Shovel (Red Shaft, Longer Version) For Users Around 6' And Above.

Mighty Ergo Shovel RED. LONGER version for users...

Price: $67.79

Mighty Ergo Shovel (Red Shaft, Smaller Version) For Users Around 5' 11

Mighty Ergo Shovel RED.   SMALLER versio...

Price: $65.29

Mighty Ergo Shovel (Yellow Shaft, Longer Version) For Users Around 6' And Above.

Mighty Ergo Shovel YELLOW. LONGER version for users ...

Price: $67.79

Mighty Ergo Shovel (Yellow Shaft, Smaller Version) For Users Around 5' 11 And Below.

Mighty Ergo Shovel YELLOW. SMALLER version for users abo...

Price: $65.29

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