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Shoveling Tips

Some of us don't mind shoveling, embrace it as excellent exercise and the reward of "doing it yourself". Others view the job as drudgery, approach the task in the improper manner, and use the wrong tool. Shoveling of any materials such as snow, does not have to be harmful or dangerous. Yet each year, shoveling piles of snow after a storm is believed to cause tens of thousands of back and shoulder injuries in the United States, not to mention countless heart attacks.

According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission: In 2007, more than 118,000 people were treated in hospital emergency rooms, doctors' offices, clinics and other medical settings for injuries that happened while shoveling or removing ice and snow manually.
(Source:, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons).

Below you will find proper shoveling techniques and tips summarized from health, spine and orthopedic sources. It is not intended as medical advice. It simply lists a common sense approach to the job, which may reduce the risk of bodily injury to your back, legs, neck, wrists and joints.

If you are shoveling snow, then it is cold. Dress in layers with clothing that is easy to move in. Wear a hat to retain body heat. Wear quality gloves (that metal shaft is cold!) that provide warmth and a good grip. Proper winter boots with good soles and traction.

Warm muscles work better. Take some time to stretch to prepare your body for activity. Arm rolls, toe touches, knee bends, jog in place, deep breathes, etc.

Be heart smart!  The weight lifting part of shoveling can raise blood pressure. Cold weather tells the body to constrict arteries and blood vessels in order to keep itself warm. This results in lower blood supply to the heart at a time when your body is demanding a lot more from your heart. If you begin to feel light-headed, faint, short of breath or have chest pains, stop immediately and seek assistance.

Don't eat a heavy meal or smoke before shoveling snow. Avoid caffeinated beverages, as these are stimulants and may increase heart rate. They are also a diuretic which dehydrates the body quicker and causes blood vessels to further constrict. Breathing cold air makes your heart work harder. Wear a scarf or ski mask to cover your face from your nose to your neck. Always breathe through your nostrils, not your mouth.

Pace yourself during shoveling activities. Take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water as it is nature's nutrient. Water has tremendous health benefits, keeps your body healthy and balanced and is essential to drink during physical activity.

Choose a shovel that is ergonomic. Also called "back saver" shovels, they should allow you to keep your back straight while pushing and lifting. Choose one with a curved handle to eliminate bending. Beware of ergonomic shovels that appear to have a curved shaft, but still require you to bend. A shovel with a short shaft will require you to bend more to lift the load. Watch that lighter weight shovels do not mean lower quality. A sturdy shovel will weigh between 4.5 to 5.5 lbs.

Liberally spray the scoop with cooking spray to help prevent snow from sticking to the blade.

Don't put your hands (grip) close to one another. Creating some distance between the hands will give you more leverage, making it easier to lift the snow. Keep the shovel close to your body.

Try to push as much off the surface and to the side as you can. It is much easier to shovel any piles on the side instead of tossing each load as you go. If the tool you're using requires you to bend at the waist or back, squat with your legs apart, always bend with your knees and lift while keeping your spine straight.

Never "lift and twist" and do not throw the material over your shoulder. Always go forward with the material. When discharging the snow from the scoop, make sure that one foot is pointing towards the direction in which you are unloading the material.

Choose the scoop / load size wisely. Various factors affect the volume and weight you are shoveling. For example, dry garden mulch weighs much less than heavy, wet snow. Based on the weight and density of the material, it is better to scoop smaller loads rather than full scoops. Do not risk injury over one scoop trying to rush the job.

Take frequent breaks when shoveling. Stand up straight and walk around periodically to extend the lower back. Standing "backward-bending" exercises will help reverse the excessive forward bending that occurs while shoveling. Stand straight and tall, place your hands toward the back of your hips and bend backward slightly for several seconds.

Do not outstretch your arms when walking a couple of steps with a filled scoop. Keep the shovel close to your body.

Try to clear snow as soon as possible after it has fallen. Snow begins to compact quickly as it settles on the ground. It may also begin to melt which will increase the moisture content, making it heavier. It may also begin to freeze, which makes removal more difficult.

Sources: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Spine Universe, American Physical Therapy Association,,, (best way to shovel snow).



PARTS: handle/grip (1), (1) shaft (red or yellow), (2) connecting bolts and screws, (2) detent “key ring” pins, (2) allen wrenches, (1) aluminum scoop.

If your Mighty Ergo Shovel ® is previously assembled, skip to Step 4. Otherwise, please follow the quick assembly instructions below.

1) To install the handle/grip:

  • Remove the screw and “female” connecting bolt in the handle.
  • Insert the shaft end labeled “A” into handle/grip until the large and small holes align.
  • Insert detent pin (key ring pin) into larger holes.
  • Insert screw and connecting bolt into smaller holes and tighten with supplied allen wrenches.  Do not over tighten.

2) To install the blade/scoop:

  • Remove the nut and bolt that are in the blade socket, and re-install them after completing this step. Slide the end of the shaft, labeled “B”, into the socket of the blade until the larger holes in both the shaft and blade neck align.

3) Final assembly:

  • Insert the detent pin (“key ring” pin) into the larger holes.
  • Re-insert the nut and bolt into the smaller holes.
  • Tighten with ___ mm socket or adjustable wrench (not included).

Your shovel is now ready to use. For quality assurance all shovels are assembled, then disassembled prior to shipping.


Storage Position: Both the handle and blade rotate 90° between the “use” and “storage” position.

1) Remove the detent pins:

  • Insert one finger into the key ring and pull. The holes for the detent pins will align after turning the handle and/or blade 90 degrees, and will stop at a pre-determined position. The holes must be perfectly aligned in order for the small spring plunger on the detent pin to properly keep the pin locked into place.

Rotating the handle/grip provides two benefits:

  • To use the shovel in the “handshake” position instead of the “underhand” position.
  • To store your shovel nearly flat.


30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.    We are so sure you will love Mighty Ergo Shovel, we give you a full 30 days to try it after you receive it.  If you do not agree that Mighty Ergo Shovel offers all of the features, qualities and benefits that we proclaim, simply return it to us, and we will refund your purchase price. 

LIMITED FIVE YEAR WARRANTY:   Mighty Ergo Shovel comes with the following five year guarantee. 

What is covered:  Failure of the shaft, grip or scoop due to manufacturer’s and/or structural defects that deem the shovel unusable, such as failures and/or cracks in the aluminum and/or steel.  Contact us at and please provide your name, date and place of purchase, part name (grip, shaft or scoop) and summary of the issue so we may better assist you.   

What is not covered:  Chips, gouges, etc, on the edge of the aluminum scoop resulting from normal use on ground surfaces.  Cosmetic issues such as scratches, rust on any of the components or hardware, obvious signs of misuse or neglect such as improper storage, abnormal/extreme abuse, vehicular damage, damage to components resulting from improperly tightened/installed hardware, etc. 


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