National Hardware Show 2012
Thank you to all who visited our booth at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, May 1 - 3, 2012.

Straight Shaft Shovels

We understand there will always be the “straight shaft” diehards who simply feel more comfortable using a classic grain scoop.    

We designed our scoops with some differences that set us apart from the rest.   

1) A large majority of this type of shovel is made with a polypropylene plastic (PP) blade.

This type of plastic (PP) is the same type used to make plastic bags, carpeting, packaging, food containers, etc.  The edge of the scoop wears down relatively quickly and is susceptible to cracking.

Our blade is made from 100% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic.  This is the same plastic used to manufacture safety helmets, car components, material handling equipment, etc.  It provides superior strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

2) We give you a choice of three types of scoops.  Each scoop is black and is 14 ½” wide X 18” deep.

 A) Without metal wear strip. Costs slightly less than scoops with the metal wear strips, yet just as effective.  Durable blade edge. Recommended for all surfaces.

B) With sharpened metal (zinc plated steel) wear strip.  Not recommended for surfaces that may be scratched or damaged such as decks, etc. 

C) With “wrap around” metal (zinc plated steel) wear strip.  Recommended for all surfaces.

The edge of your ABS plastic scoop will not wear down as quickly as poly plastic scoops.  The metal wear strips are simply offered for those who feel comfortable having a sacrificial strip to protect the edge of their blade for a while.

3) Shaft:  Our shovel shaft is longer than typical scoops.  

The visible part of our shaft is 28” inches, and the entire length of the shovel is 51”.  The average length of the shaft for other grain scoops is only about 15” with a total shovel length of 46”. 

Enables you to spread your hands further apart for proper leverage, and requires less bending.

4) Most shafts are made of “hardwood” which is native to the country in which they are produced. 

The actual species (ash, maple, etc) may not be stated.  It will simply say "hardwood."

Our shaft is constructed of 100% solid ash.

5) On many shovels your hand grabs a plain poly plastic grip.

Our handle has friction foam so your hand not only grabs better, but is also more comfortable.

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